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Image by Diana Polekhina
Green Juice
Your Best 


At Wellness Point, our family business is dedicated to providing you with a refreshing and transformative approach to nourishment & wellness.  

Our concept evolves around creating a holistic health food experience that redefines how you eat and drink.

Fast food has become almost impossible to trust and eat if we want to remain healthy, so we take pride in offering a menu that is meticulously crafted with you and your family in mind with a focus on pure, clean, organic, and fresh handmade healthy menu options and delicious supercharged with nutrients and superfoods cold press juices and mocktails.

 Our commitment to your well-being is our main concern, and we are thrilled to be your partner to cater for special events or your everyday journey to a healthier, happier life. 


Our Family Wellness Hub's Mission:

Nourishing community and sustaining local farmers 
We are proud to source our ingredients from local farmers who share our dedication to sustainable and organic farming practices

This not only ensures that you enjoy the freshest and most flavorful produce but also supports the local community. By choosing Wellness Point, you're making a conscious choice to contribute to a more sustainable and ethical food system. 


Fda Disclaimer

The information on this website has not been evaluated by the food &  drug administration or any medical body. We do not aim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness or disease. 

Information is shared for educational and recreational purpose only.

Join us on your journey

We invite you to embark on a new chapter of your health journey with us.  Let Wellness Point be your trusted companion in adopting a wholesome and nourishing lifestyle. Discover the joy of pure, clean, delicious organic food and fresh, Cold Press juices and mocktails; all MTO delivered to your office or home that tastes amazing and fuels your body and soul with the best quality of nutrients! 

Your wellness is our point of focus, and we can't wait to take this delightful and healthful journey with you.

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Image by Brenna Huff

Hey There!

Welcome to our blog
who we are

We are all about crafting healing, scrumptious food in our beautiful kitchen just for you. 

At Wellness Point, we're passionate about bringing you more than food,  is a colorful tasteful menu that allows you to take care

of your gut and overall health while

savoring a delicious meal. 

 And guess what? Our green menu is friendly to various nutritional programs like Keto, Low Fodmap, GAPS, and anti-inflammatory.

We believe your everyday food should be a delightful and mindful experience

fresh, yummy, and oh-so-healthy!

Whether you're a top executive, office employee, teacher, writer, blogger, supermom juggling 24/7, or a doting grandma, we believe that at this point and time, everyone in the world deserves and needs to be healthy, nurture and feel fantastic!

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Taking care of your body is essential
Grey Minimalist Reminder Envelope Mock Up Instagram Post.png
No need to worry about preparing a nutritious meal

Count on us to serve you nourishing food, delivered right to your doorstep, at your office, party, or home,

anytime you need it!

Or, better yet, join us at the farmers' market every weekend and indulge in our mouthwatering vegan wraps or the classic why not?  while soaking in the joyous atmosphere with your loved ones.

So, let's embark on this deliciously healthy journey together. Stay tuned for unique tips, recipes, and inspiring insights that will add a sprinkle of goodness to your life.

At Wellness Point, we're committed to helping you savor every moment and thrive!

Not time for cooking,

or do you need meal prep

Because our food is fresh and organic, place your order with 5 hours of anticipation, and will be delivered to your office or home fresh and scrumptious ready to enjoy!  


Grab a cup of your favorite drink, sit back...

 let's dive into nourishment and adventure! Get ready to feel your best and radiate that incredible glow that comes from truly taking care of yourself

Cheers to vibrant health and happiness at Wellness Point! 🥂✨



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